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The Wave of Awakening

Universal Consciousness

As I was sipping my tea and looking out into my garden this morning, I witnessed the beginning of another day. The sun’s rays illuminating the tree tops and then spreading out over the horizon, hitting the rooftops, then the houses themselves and the grass in the lawn. I voice inside me said: “You are that light, you are the trees, and the grass”. This voice came as I was pondering why we take such delights in watching such simple and everyday events in nature – such as the sunrise, the crashing of waves, the laughter of a child, the cuteness of an animal. It is because an essential part of us, our true self, is in all of these manifestations. Our lovely human form is as beautiful and perennial as the waves or flowers. We feel separate only because a part of our brain interprets and differentiate the things we see.

We are all timeless, we are all beautiful.

From this morning’s observation, I realized I had a glimpse of universal consciousness.

The wave of awakening that’s being experienced in the world.

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