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Love Matters Most

Worthwhile thought

If you ever have the thought that “Nothing Matters”, it most likely comes from a deeper experience where you’ve learned to believe that “I don’t Matter”. Could it be that you felt neglected as a child? Or that you had experienced deep loss which left you with such raw pain that was never properly acknowledged, and therefore healed? This thought might have embedded into your mind to become a subconscious belief – one you carried around with you for years and perhaps decades. The belief manifests in your actions and non-actions in ways you don’t even realize, and when you do become aware of the consequences of those actions, you don’t comprehend.

Why? Why did I act the way I did? You may ask yourself. Did you let go of friendships and not bother to try keep in touch? Did you not bother to go to the polls and vote on elections? Your mind will tell you you’re too busy. We all know these are choices we make as we go through life. However, choices made with the belief that “Nothing matters”, or “My actions don’t really matter” significantly lessen your light. If you consciously substitute the belief with “I do matter” or even a better one: “I’m powerful”, you will feel uplifted. You feel this way because that thought is true! The more you think this thought, the more you will come to believe it. Your empowered feeling will create the actions that correspond to that thought and you will begin to see significant results in your work, relationships and community.

Try thinking the thought: “Love matters most” and see how that thought changes what you do and the results you get.

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